What Can I expect?

An outdoor summer Banquet set in a Historical location with sensational views. Upon arrival you will be taken back in time to Civil War 1644. Whilst enjoying the sun and your goblet of mead His Majesty King Charles 1st will arrive along with his courtiers (favourites). A three Course Banquet fit for a King will be served and includes an ostentatious 'King's Pudding Table.' There will be Live theatre & entertainment throughout including mystery, treason & plot. From 9.30pm you are welcome to continue your revellery until closing time. Then arrange your carriage home when you are finished drinking to the King's health.

How can I be a part of the plot?

If you are celebrating a special occasion or want to be more involved please let us know at the time of booking. You can add a description or contact us via the contact page. We will do our best to fulfil any guest requirements.

I'm given an identity, do I have to stay in charactor?

As much as you can Yes! It's all a part of the experience, the main thing is that you have fun. You will be given information relating to your bespoke identity, the rest you can make up as you go along. Remember this is a time of Civil War and this is a Royalist only event. Treason & plot could be among us, to prove your loyalty to the king you must join us in toasting to the king's health. God Save The King!

Can I choose to be a Lord/Lady and/ have an identity created for my group?

Yes My Lord/Lady! Please let us know in the description section of your booking who's in your party and how they relate to you. We will do the rest! If you choose to be a Lord/Lady you must wear costume according to your rank. There are Sumpuary Laws in place during 1644. Don't worry we can help with this, just get in touch via our Contact us page.

I've Booked! What happens next?

​You will be informed of your bespoke identity & you will receive costume hire information 2 weeks - 1 month before the event you will receive a formal invite via His Majesty's Royal Mail service. You will receive electronic communications on the lead up to the event. Upon arrival we will check off the name(s) of your party on our guest list and you will be permitted entry into Civil War 1644.

Do I have to take part in anything?

Of course not, this experience is perfect for spectators. We will assume you're a spectator unless you inform us otherwise. Just sit back and enjoy the experience.

I have a specific allergy/dietary requirement can you cater for this?

Of course! Please specify at the time of booking

What is the Menu?

Mead on arrival Baked breads & potted duck / vegetable soup Pork belly, Roast qtr chicken, Creamy leek and mushroom vegan pie, mash, vegetables Pumpkin bread With roasted roots served down the tables Pudding Table Fruit tarts, poached pears, cheese platters Menu is subject to change, for allergens/dietary restrictions please notify within ticket description. Fully stocked bar, cash or card

​ Is there any accommodation locally?

5 miles down the road from the venue: Wroxton House Hotel Wroxton Banbury Oxfordshire OX15 6QB (0) 1295 730777 https://www.wroxtonhousehotel.com/ This event is 9 miles from Banbury Town Centre where there are a selection of different hotels & B&B's. We are organising a Shuttle Service from OX16 0BW to the venue at a small additional cost of £5 per person which you can add to your booking.

How do I get to the event?

For Satellite Navigation Castle at Edgehill, Edgehill, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 6DJ There is limited parking at this venue. Take advantage of our shuttle service by adding a shuttle service ticket to your basket £5 per person. You will be issued with all information required including where best to park. You can catch the shuttle service from OX16 0BW Please arrange your own carriages home.

Do I have to wear costume?

No you don't have to, but if you choose to then please help us support Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe, registered charity (1115883) The volunteers know all about the event and they know what period of costume you require. If you let them know your bespoke identity they will pick out something perfect for you! Further information about costume hire will be within your identity email Costume Hire £25 per person plus a £10 NON REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of booking. ALL proceeds go to support Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe Quote the event: THE KINGS BANQUET http://www.oxondramawardrobe.co.uk/ Email odwc1938@gmail.com Collections/Returns You will be able to collect & return your costumes to MAGENTA STORAGE BANBURY OX16 3ED

Is this like a murder mystery?

Murder? Heavens NO. Revelers caught by the King’s Guard bringing weapons into the King’s presence risks being branded a traitor to the crown. But there’s most certainly Mystery Treason & Plot.